Crested Butte, CO ~ February 21st - 28th, 2015

Trip Leader: Carla Constantino

It had been more than two weeks since Crested Butte had fresh snow but once the FSC clubs arrived, it started snowing non-stop.  The ‘Snow Gods’ must have heard the complaints from us Floridians having no sunshine because the white stuff stopped falling the day of our mountain race and lunch.  The next day, it started back up.

Crested Butte delivered on all accounts with the mountain and village providing all you want at a ski resort.  The town of Crested Butte is as idyllic as perceived with one main street, no traffic lights and people as friendly as the dogs living there among countless restaurants, shops and great bars.

Snow is always the highlight of a ski trip but there are others worth mentioning.  Space Coast Ski Club took 3rd Place in the Fun Race. We may not be the fastest but we know how to have fun.  Obstacles like limbo and corn hole proved to be no problem for our team even on skis!

The fun and craziness continued at the ‘Mis-Matched’ theme party.  Once again, Space Coast Trippers delivered.  Please check the photos to see all the great costumes.  Combine this with a real party attitude on and off the dance floor and you have a successful event.  A few honorable mentions go to:

George and Jo Dalmas – The Sheik and his Queen rocked an exotic mix.

Matt Bragaw & Karen Bettencourt – Crowned ‘Homecoming King & Queen’, these two were mixed up in his and her pajamas.

Pat & Rosemarie Nemeth must think Hawaiians are mis-matched in some way but this was their first SCSTC trip so extra credit for participation.

Ron Raphael – Ron’s hot pink pigtail head-piece was a touch of whimsy that set off his pure white hair in a very chick way. 

Wayne Wallin – His mis-matched combination of stretch pants, dress shoes and Russian hat got him noticed all over the room.

Yours truly did a pretty good job of mis-matching my own outfit indicating either I have no fashion sense at all or I just wanna have maximum fun – maybe both.  Thank you to all my wonderful, fun-loving trippers.  I hope to travel with you again!

Carla Constantino – Trip Leader

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