Heavenly, CA ~ January 26th - February 2nd, 2013

Trip Leader: Pam Kaercher

It was a perfect week in Heavenly! Club members enjoyed fresh powder, perfect weather, great accommodations, hot tubs, and a great night life.

Blue Skies, Deep Snow and Spectacular Views!! That was the theme of the week for the Florida Ski Council’s trip to Heavenly/Lake Tahoe. You could even add no lift lines and sensational parties. All this and more contributed to one of the best ski weeks in recent memory.

The Space Coast Ski Club joined 15 other clubs from the Florida Ski Council to comprise nearly 400 people skiing and partying at Lake Tahoe. And with a winter storm that dumped snow on the mountains just days before our arrival, the conditions were incredible!

Staying at Harveys’ Resort and Casino was an experience. With around-the-clock gambling and entertainment and only steps from the Gondola, no one could ask for a more memorable week. Highlights included Kirkwood and Northstar and two big FSC Parties at Harveys’ where the theme of “Austin Power’s/Psychedelic ” brought out a wild array of costumes featuring tye dye, beads, long hair and mini-skirts and a lot of “yeah baby”. Space Coast had the most trippers in costume!

Another highlight was watching the Florida Cup Race! Our club’s fastest skiers were John Dutton and Karen Bettencourt. We had our first snowboarder Russell Schenk medal! Congratulations go out to all participants, our Race Captains, Matt Bragaw and Kenton Anz, and all of the racers who braved the gates for the Space Coast Ski Club.

On our last day our very own Ron Raphael was injured, he will have knee surgery soon and recovery will take about 6 weeks. I’m sure he’ll be on the slopes in early 2014.

All in all, it was an ideal ski week that will be hard to duplicate. Many old friendships were renewed and many more new ones were made. That’s what makes traveling with the Space Coast Ski Club such a unique and memorable experience.

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