Taos, NM ~ December 10th - 15th, 2014

Trip Leader: Scott Kingston

The early season trip to Taos was attended by 13 trippers anxious to get in some early season skiing and boarding.  This is the first time SCSTC has planned an early season quick 4 day trip, and we were all really excited to get it moving.

Our first night we all got together for a Welcome Party where we got to know each other and share some stories.  We all headed to bed early to get up to enjoy the first day on the mountain.

We enjoyed two days of great skiing and boarding under sunny skies, and the slopes were in great shape.

The highlight of the trip was the dinner at Roger and Diane's house.  The house is awesome, the food is even better, and the hospitality they give to all of us is absolutely second to none.  A margarita tower and a wine cellar added to the perfect evening!!!

And then.......  we were blessed by the snow Gods!!!  It DUMPED the last night we were there and all through the next day.  We enjoyed massive amounts of powder.  It was up to my knees in certain spots, and it stopped me DEAD in my tracks more than once.  I'm pretty sure everyone was exhausted by mid day, and we called it quits early.  I think the Koss Team went out for more, but those people are super human. 

What better way to close out a trip than to dine on delicacies at an Apres Ski !!!  All of us met and shared our powder stories while dining on Frito Pie, Bacon Mac and cheese and spicy pork sliders!!!  It was a perfect ending to a great trip.

Looking forward to planning another early season trip and bringing even more people with us because this group obviously has awesome snow karma!!!

See you soon,
Scott Kingston



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