South Africa ~ May 9th - 24th, 2013

Trip Leaders: Clair Quenzler & Carla Constantino

Back From Africa & Forever Changed

“The only time I have been happy getting up at 5:30am.”
                                                             - Pam Quenzler

Pam describes how we felt on safari at Kapama Private Game Reserve.  We were out at dawn and dusk each day seeking wild animals and discovering much more.  But, before arriving here, our journey began a week earlier.

Starting in Cape Town, we spent 2 days touring and 2 free time.   Everyone said: “Loved the tours.  Loved the market.  Loved having time on my own.” 

SCSTC at Cape of Good Hope

George & Jo Dalmas had this to add: “Club dinner at GOLDS was the greatest, taking drum lessons and the African singing and face painting was a special treat. Really gave us an insight into the African culture."

The Agrama’s
:  “Time in Cape Town was just right.  The highlight was seeing the Cape of Good Hope.  Everything was really great including Table Mountain.  We would not have wanted to skip any activities.”eat.   Really gave us an insight into the African culture.”

After Cape Town, we were off to Franschhoek wine country.  A completely different atmosphere welcomed us where the land is lush.  Stunning mountains amidst farms with horses and vineyards surround the area.

Lauren Hall:  “I loved wine country.  Really pretty area and some day I’d like to go back, rent a house and explore.  Enjoyed the horseback ride too.”

Papa Lion and Cubs

Susan McLean added:  “I preferred the second winery because it was family owned and you got a feel for the process.  That may be the farmer in me!”

From Franschhoek, we flew to Hoedspruit for our safaris.  Our arrival was a bit like that out of a movie.  Walking through the airport about the size of a 7-11, we were met by our handsome, young safari rangers.  They immediately loaded us into jeeps and began to speed down miles and miles of dirt road to our lodge.  Within 2 hours, we were ON safari!

Kapama opinions were unanimous:  AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!”  “Loved every minute of it. “  “Great Great Great”  “I would change nothing!” 

Deborah Haataja-Deratany:  Phenomenal resort with great spa, great staff, great room, great food, great coffee, and flexibility in the schedule.”

Young Elephant Males show who's boss

Seeing the ‘Big 5’ plus all the other wild animals in their own backyard was something you can’t do anywhere else on earth.  This part of the trip will stand out in everyone’s mind as the highlight of South Africa.

It seemed fitting to end our trip visiting Victoria Falls, considered the ‘Greatest Falling Curtain of Water On This Planet”.

Victoria Falls

Marty & Annita Megregian commented:  Time in Livingston would have been better if we had one more day, but perfect otherwise.  Again, a great dinner with the whole entourage!  The sunset cruise was an act of class that will be hard to beat anywhere on Earth with Hippos to boot!”

And so with the sunset cruise, the sun also set on our African adventure.  Forty-three people ventured to the other side of the globe and came back with literally thousands of pictures and the best memories imaginable.  Some of our trip participants summed it up saying:

We both loved this trip for so many different reasons.  We met some great people, had far less stress because all we had to do was show up and go with the flow.  The sights we saw will always be with me.  The only other more exciting thing I have ever done is give birth.”  Ellen Parda (and Bob)

Happy Hour in the bush  Rhino alert!

John Dutton:  “Overall, I think the trip was phenomenal, and well worth what it cost.  I liked all aspects of the trip – everything was perfect.”

“The trip was absolutely outstanding.  Both of us enjoyed ourselves and thought the itinerary was well thought out and our accommodations outstanding.   We would positively consider joining another trip with Space Coast Ski Club.”  Jeff & Lydia Swalchick

David Odrobina said:  “The itinerary as well as the travel group were awesome.  I look forward to upcoming adventures with the Space Coast Ski Club.  Thanks for a wonderful trip”

Rick Ault had the best suggestion of all:  “Buy our own jet so we all have 1st class seats.”  (Yes, Rick, we’ll get right on that!)

Many of the group expressed heartfelt gratitude for the Trip Leaders efforts saying:  “You both did a wonderful job and thank you doesn't quite say enough.” 

Trip Leaders, Clair, Carla & Guides

We reply:  “Sure it does; it was our pleasure and you are very welcome.” 

Clair & Carla

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