Trip Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a Space Coast Ski & Travel Club (SCS&TC) trip at a participant’s discretion may result in cancellation fees to be paid by the cancelling participant. Cancellation of any SCS&TC trip within five months of trip departure date will result in a cancellation fee for each trip participant of $75 plus any other travel, accommodation, or resort penalties that apply at the time of the cancellation. Some SCS&TC trips may have more restrictive cancellation provisions due to the use of charter aircraft, buses, or lodge policies. See the trip description for the amounts and critical dates.

Moving your deposit from one trip or package to another does not preclude application of cancellation penalties which may apply to the first trip or package selected at the time of the move.

Cancellations shall be made by notification in writing to the trip leader. Final decisions on refunds are to be made by the SCS&TC, Inc., Board of Directors.

In the event that a SCS&TC trip is cancelled for any other reason beyond the control of the SCS&TC, Inc., trip participants are subject to a pro-rated sharing of Club costs incurred in cancellation. Trip cancellation insurance is available at a nominal cost. Contact the trip leader for further details.

Refund amounts may be subject to credit card fees.

Single Travelers:

The club will make every effort to find single travelers a roommate. In return the club expects any single person to make every effort to find a roommate themselves. Until a roommate is arranged, the single traveler wishing not be wait listed is responsible for any single supplement costs. Once roommates are paired together, payments for the trip are made per the ‘double occupancy’ rate. Should one of the roommates cancel at any time, the tripper (with the club’s help) must find a replacement before any money can be refunded. If a replacement roommate cannot be found, all monies paid by the person canceling may be used for payment of the single supplement for the remaining tripper. Please make sure you understand the above if you are traveling as a single person.

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